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Outside view of the facility

Students and Staff of Forest Lake Academy Donate Two Classrooms to Binalbagan High School

The senior class of 2010-2011 took the initiative and came up with ideas to raise funds to build two-room facility in Binalbagan School in the Philippines. Students, for a change, wanted to do something for others to boost the spirit of giving during their Christmas dinner.

Faculty, staff and students were able to raise over US $ 7,000.00 with all their fund-raising activities. The room was constructed in 2011 to be used as arts facility to provide something for the parents to do while they waited on their pre-school students.

As the time passed, a great need of a high school was felt for this community of low income residents. To meet the needs of classroom space, this art facility was turned into two rooms to accommodate a big number of grade seven students. After this initial start, one grade level was added with every succeeding year until the completion of the Junior High School.