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About Us

About Us

Over 14 million poor children in the Philippines live in appalling conditions. But it is these children who have the potential to break the cycle of deprivation for future generations. They are the teachers, doctors, journalists, engineers and politicians of future. Recognizing the potential in these children and knowing well that receiving education is the only way forward, ABC Children’s Aid Philippines was formally organized in 2008 to provide educational opportunities to these precious children which would otherwise be out of their reach.

ABC Philippines is committed to assist families living below poverty line, a factor that has made it difficult for countless children to pursue their dreams. ABC Philippines operates five pre-schools, two elementary schools, three high schools and one children’s ministry project in some of the most depressed areas in the Philippines. We continue to work with hope, prayers and faith that someday these students will take professional roles in/for their beloved country and be a development force in their communities.

Children’s Aid USA is founded and operated on Christian principles, especially bearing in mind the commandment to love our neighbor and to bear each others burdens showing in action, that God is the father of the fatherless and He extends a helping hand to the needy and suffering.


The main aim of the organization is to provide opportunities to underprivileged and indigents to receive help, training and education by developing and working in partnership with local organizations, visionaries and leaders with a goal to lead people to self-sufficiency. Although the primary goal of the organization is not to provide emergency relief or aid nevertheless, Children’s Aid USA is authorized to undertake such tasks, especially if such work is a step towards helping others to become independent and self-sufficient.


Children’s Aid USA looks for cooperation and help from all those willing to lend a helping hand. More precisely, Children’s Aid USA endeavors to assist and help partner organizations to:

  1. Build schools and learning facilities with various educational disciplines.
  2. Work with people to run the projects in accordance with the goals and purpose of Children’s Aid USA.
  3. Raise funds to buy land, to build dormitories, schools and kindergartens.
  4. Find supporters for children in need.
  5. To run a local office in the US to provide information to the children’s supporters, channel donations and financial assistance, provide bookkeeping and accounting facilities and facilitate any other activity related to the aims and purpose of the organization. Children’s Aid USA seeks to get volunteer workers to help out on as many levels of the work as possible.


All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, are devoted to the said purposes. Please join hands with us to reach out to the most deserving children in different parts of the world.