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Founder / Chairman’s Message

Founder/Chairman’s Message

Nema Oriel-ComenenciaWhen I first heard about ABC Children’s Aid, it did not really hit me, not until I saw the pictures of the projects in Pakistan. In two years ABC Children’s Aid was able to help start 8 schools in Pakistan which provided educational opportunities to over 1800 children. These pictures brought back my long lost vision for children in the Philippines. I came to the USA with this vision in mind. I wanted to help as many children as possible by providing them opportunities to receive education and become self-sufficient. Currently I am working as a medical doctor in Florida, USA. As I look back, the fact dawns on me that I could not have completed my medical training if kind and generous people would not have supported me financially. There are so many children in the Philippines who need such assistance.

Starting such project in the Philippines seemed like an ambitious thinking. But when I prayed to God about it, I realized it is a small project in the great hands of our mighty God. So it gave me courage to go ahead.

Establishing and working with ABC Children’s Aid USA has led me closer to God and brought me more friends. I have placed my incapable self in the capable hands of the Lord to be used mightily in this noble cause. I am thankful to God for leading me to dynamic and God fearing people who are willing to serve on the management board and work with me hand in hand. Their enthusiasm for this cause renews my strength day by day.

Currently Children’s Aid USA is partnering with ABC Children’s Aid Philippines, , to support over 700 children in 5 pre-schools, 2 elementary schools, 3 high schools and a children’s ministry program in the Philippines. As more funds become available, Children’s Aid USA intends to support like-minded organizations in other countries as well.

I believe this is God’s work and He will move your heart to become a supporter/partner so many more children can be helped through this wonderful ministry.


Nema Oriel-Comenencia, MD

Founder Chairman

Children’s Aid USA